Content Acceleration Fueled by SuperLumin

Don’t keep your audience waiting. Keep content accessible, avoid load times and optimize the multimedia experience.

STRATACACHE offers caching and acceleration solutions, powered by SuperLumin, designed to keep your content accessible to your customers. Cover the entire path to purchase while enhancing the shopping experience with no-wait Internet access to explore all the brand content they want.

SuperLumin, a STRATACACHE company, delivers a high performance proxy that takes frequently-accessed Internet and Intranet content, videos and applications and stores them locally for future access, so your audience is served faster and directly from your network.

Zero Bandwidth

Significantly reduce network performance challenges by decreasing the overall volume of content moving over your network.

Cost Effective

Keep your systems optimized, secure and productive without expensive network build-out costs.


A simple solution, SuperLumin will enhance network performance while improving the customer experience.

SuperLumin is a cost-effective, practical and zero bandwidth solution that can integrate with any network, allowing you to seamlessly deliver cached content to shoppers’ tablets and mobile devices.

  • Capitalize on free guest Wi-Fi.
  • Keep your audience engaged.
  • Gather customer analytics throughout the multimedia experience.

Accelerate the content for guided selling, product research and application delivery. In-store proxy caches optimize your web content delivery and provide you with a critical content management tool to outpace your competition and today’s increasing demand for in-store web-based business.

Combine the speed and accessibility of STRATACACHE SuperLumin with ActiVia and OmniCast to create an impactful multimedia experience that delivers targeted content to your customers and rich data to you.

Learn how the STRATACACHE family of companies can work to offer you full digital signage and content delivery solutions.