Digital Menu Board Solutions

Influence customers, impact margins and increase engagement with STRATACACHE digital menu boards.

Turn your traditional menu board into a revenue generating tool with STRATACACHE Digital Menu Boards. Generating higher impact and deeper engagement, STRATACACHE’s Digital Menu Boards provide menu item information with enticing food imagery and eye-catching video promotions — serving up a rich selection of digital content to influence customers as they make purchase decisions. Digital Menu Boards also offer a dynamic platform to decrease wait-time, cross-sell/up-sell and enhance the overall dining experience. Impact your customers and employees with digital media by delivering dynamic content throughout key locations within your restaurant.

  • Daypart content depending on time-of-day
  • Centrally control all messages from any Web browser
  • Eliminate recurring printing costs with static signage
  • Instantaneously update menu items and pricing
  • Inform customers of menu specials
  • Decrease perceived wait-time
  • Generate revenue, especially on higher-margin items
  • Integrate with your current POS system

Visual Merchandising

As traditional advertising becomes less effective, digital signage is shedding new light on promotional strategies and communication methods. Enhance the shopper experience with interactive digital screens in any shape and size to display products or promotions in your store. Strategic visual merchandising builds awareness, increases your competitive advantage, strengthens customer relationships all while driving sales. Whether used for informational messaging, advertising, entertainment or architectural ambiance, these digital signage displays can transform the experiences of shopping, working and socializing.

Indoor Menu Boards

Drive upsells and increase overall sales lift by displaying dynamic and relevant content with STRATACACHE single and multi-panel digital menu boards. Leveraging STRATACACAHE’s ActiVia for Media software, restaurants can easily change menu board items, adjust pricing, day-part menus, and promote special and premium items at will. Stratacache provides a fully integrated approach by offering all system operations, restaurant specific content scheduling, remote monitoring and management, and media players. Provide a better experience for every customer with digital menu boards.

Outdoor Menu Boards

Advance your drive-thru experience with STRATACACHE’s Elevate Outdoor Digital Menu Boards. Designed with anti-glare protective glass and equipped to withstand the harshest environments, STRATACACHE’s Elevate Outdoor Digital Menu Boards reliably display content in any outdoor setting. Install a single feature panel, a double panel, or a full triple panel menu board to provide maximum visibility to your customers. With STRATACACHE’s ActiVia for Media software, you can easily manage prices, menu items, promotions, and nutritional information to improve the ordering experience.

Self Service Tablets and Kiosks

Order and pay from personal mobile, in-store kiosks or tablets. Using location based technologies, orders are delivered directly to guest.

Interactive Play

Change the way your consumers interact with your brand by giving them the power to control their own content. With STRATACACHE’s Digital Play, you can display high-definition, interactive product, brand, or game-based messages programmed to respond when a customer interacts with the content via motion-based gestures. With the wave of a hand or stomp of a foot, you can promote products, interact with customers and drive unique customer engagement for audiences of all ages.