Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is simply a way for companies to take responsibility for the social and environmental impacts of their business operations. The STRATACACHE family has committed ourselves to drive CSR through philanthropy, volunteering and environmental efforts.


Allowing companies in Latin America to achieve their growth objectives by maximizing digital technology solutions through innovation, intelligence, execution, whether qualitative or quantitative.

To be the leading digital solutions company for Mexico and Latin America, committed to sustainability and social responsibility as an integral part of our objectives.

STRATACACHE LATAM joins the United Nations Global Compact

Stratacache LATAM proudly shares its commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, which calls for making the 10 principles an integral part of the Strategy and Operation of Companies. We believe in the ability of all of us to make a better world and our responsibility to take action to make it happen.

United Nations Global Compact

Sustainability and Social Responsibility Model


Stratacache’s Motivations for Sustainability

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Action Axes

AXIS 1. Sustainability and social responsibility adoption and integration.
Within STRATACACHE LATAM, we establish clear and concrete objectives, assign responsibilities within our company and develop a commitment management model with the purpose of being a Socially Responsible Company. Our adherence to the United Nations Global Compact reaffirms our commitment to create a better world.

AXIS 2. Ethical business and values.
We base our business behavior in accordance with the Ethics Code and the Social Responsibility guidelines. STRATACACHE LATAM promotes both internal and external values to maintain a harmonious coexistence both socially and professionally.

AXIS 3. Responsibility towards our collaborators.
We define and implement training programs that contribute to the improvement of the employees’ skills. The quality of life within a work environment is very important for us, that is why we promote internal and external activities of health promotion, labor integration and volunteering. Within our company, we provide additional benefits to those required by law and take into account proposals and solutions from our employees to improve job quality.

AXIS 4. Sustainable supply chain.
We make responsible purchases, we define and apply environmental criteria for the selection of products for the realization of our work, acquiring eco-friendly products. Likewise, we inform our suppliers of the Company’s Sustainability model so that they can also align with our social parameters.

AXIS 5. Innovation for the protection of the Environment.
We implemented an Energy Efficiency Program that includes: energy audit, the use of low power consumption settings for screens, among others. In STRATACACHE LATAM we are aware of waste management, that is why we do the due recycling of electronic materials, waste separation campaigns, reduction and recycling..

AXIS 6. Responsibility towards the community.
We implement voluntary activities towards the community, in the same way we are a company that is open for students to do their professional practices with us.

A Note From Our CEO

“I think you have to build an ethos within the company. In tech, we are going for the best and brightest minds. Just taking a paycheck for an 8-5 job doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are trying to get the best and the brightest and maintain, motivate and retain them, you have to show people that the company is more than just the day to day. Building a good CSR platform -becoming involved in communities, charities and things that are important, show that is more than just a job and it’s got be more of a what aligns with what people want to do with their lives.”