5 Ways to Improve the In-Store Experience

By December 21, 2017 No Comments

With STRATACACHE, there are many different ways to improve the in-store experience for the customer, and the overall “look-and-feel” of your brand. Listed below are 5 ways to drive conversion and increase sales at your store.

  1. Assisted Selling

More and more retailers are beginning to use tablets, kiosks, and other types of mobile devices to help their customers become more informed on the products they are purchasing. With Assisted Selling, you have the ability to look at a large selection of products and get immediate access to inventory information in that very store.  Informed customers have a better experience and are less likely to return items they bought.   That means more products out the door and extra space for that freight that just got delivered.

 2.   Digital Signage

 From video walls to interactive screens—when you have rich and personalized content, you want to deliver it to your customers in the best way possible.  Location, location, location! Place your digital signage in a place that is noticeable, attractive and easy to approach.

3.  Advanced Video Wall

Speaking of video walls…captivate your consumers with rich and powerful in-store digital experiences with STRATACACHE’s Advanced 4K Video Walls.  Retailers can create maximum visual impact using dynamic or gestural walls that allow for a more compelling shopper experience.

4. Responsive Merchandising

Make the most of interactive, promotional displays to fully connect with customers through Responsive Merchandising. The idea is simple—when a shopper picks up content, the system (configured with sensors), identifies what has been moved, and displays relevant product information on an in-store screen. Responsive Merchandising easily allows complex data or marketing messages to be displayed on cue.

5.  Content Management

Work with STRATACACHE to get the software you need to implement all of the things above in a smooth and timely manner.  With software like ActiVia for Media, SuperLumin and Omnicast, you can keep your content easily accessible and moving quickly with hardly any delay at all.  STRATACACHE utilizes existing bandwidth, allowing you to expedite delivery of audio, video, software, training and other media with their content delivery systems that can maximize efficiencies for all your content needs.

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